Our Purpose



To empower our stakeholders to go from WHAT IS, to WHAT is POSSIBLE



We STRIVE to: Deliver a valued experience. Create an empowered environment. Give back to the communities where we live and work. We SEEK to BE: The reliable market leading brand. An organization that team members aspire to align with. We WANT to HAVE: A growth company that sets the benchmark within our industry.



We act with uncompromising accountability in everything we do. We deliver exceptional experiences by seeing it through. We raise the bar through continuous improvement. We constantly strive to be innovative. We are a team and achieve success together. We thrive by supporting others and showing appreciation.

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#IMatterAtVelosio Video Studio

#IMatterAtVelosio Video Studio

#IMatterAtVelosio Video Studio

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

At Velosio, YOU MATTER. This is not just a statement but a purpose we live by every day.

Our Mission, "To empower stakeholders to go from WHAT IS to what is POSSIBLE" cannot be achieved without empowering all team members. Therefore, we continuously foster a culture of respect and belonging - where diverse and inclusive experiences, collaborations, and innovations are at the foundation.

We are proud to embrace people of all backgrounds who possess the drive and desire to exemplify our values.

We know that a solely data-driven approach to DEIB is not sufficient - our commitment runs much deeper. We actively listen to our team members, measure results, and strive for continuous improvement by asking ourselves the questions that appear in our DEIB matrix.


Celebrating Black History Month

<strong>Kayla Stubblefield</strong><br>Project Manager

Kayla Stubblefield
Project Manager

Growing up, Black History Month meant a lot to me because it was an opportunity to explore and discover leaders, advocates, and history makers who created change that the world needed and still needs. As an adult, I recognize that I am a part of that legacy and it's my responsibility and privilege to inspire those who will come after me. In my personal life and at work, I've experienced disparities, discrimination, and hatefulness because of my culture and identity. Although it's difficult and extremely hurtful, I continue persevere and make a point to treat all human beings like human beings. I feel like most humans are good at the core and are just trying to survive being a human in this crazy, chaotic world.

<strong>Terry Crayton</strong><br>
Support Engineer

Terry Crayton
Support Engineer

Black History Month is a time to reflect on contributions and accomplishments of Black Americans and also a reminder that the American experiment is still very much a work-in-progress. As with any work in progress, it is necessary to have a historical perspective to gauge and make adjustments for future progress. I have heard it being said that "We have to know where we have been to know where we are going." So for me, Black History Month is a time for recognizing people's contributions and experiences that help inspire an improved future.

Velosio Gives Back

Velosio encourages our team members to give back to the communities where we work and live! ​Full-time employees can use up to 3 hours per month for community service, in addition to their PTO.